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Editor in Chief:

Olga A. Kuznetsova - Doctor of Law, Perm State University (Perm, Russia) 

Editorial Staff

Gabov A.V. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Academy of Sciences of Russia (Moscow, Russia)

Gorban V.S. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, The Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia)

Gongalo B.M. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Ural State Law University (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Vavilin Y.V. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Saratov State Law Academy (Saratov, Russia)

Valeev D.Kh. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (Kazan, Russia)

Zaitsev V.V. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

Serova O.А. - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, The Pskov State University (Pskov, Russia)

Turlukowski Jaroslaw - Institute of Civil Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw,
Center for Research on the Law of Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw

Bernd Wieser - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Karl-Franz University of Graz (Graz, Austria)

Hubertus Gersdorf - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, University of Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany).

Wang Zhi Hua - Doctor of Juridical Sciences, China University of Political Science and Law, (Beijing, China)

Samuel D. Bernal - PhD (University of Chicago, USA), Doctor of Juridical Sciences (Loyola University San Fernando, Los Angeles, USA), California University (San Fernando, USA), California University (Los Angeles, California, USA), Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines (admitted in California and federal US courts)

Clive Sealey - PhD Social Policy, University of Birmingham, University of Worcester (Worcester, Great Britain)


Founder: O.A. Kuznetsova
Publisher: LLC «Publishing House «Statut»
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