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1. Organization and procedure for reviewing

1.1 Edition scientific magazine - “Methodological Problems of the Civil Researches” (hereinafter - the Edition) reviews all incoming materials to the editorial board, corresponding to its subject matter, with the purpose of their expert evaluation.
1.2 Scientific articles prepared in strict accordance with the "Requirements for articles" (hereinafter referred to as the "Requirements"), which have passed primary control in the editorial office, are allowed to be reviewed.
1.3 The manuscript of the scientific article (hereinafter - the Manuscript) received by the Editorial Board is considered by the Technical Secretary of the Publication for the correctness of registration and compliance with the scientific profile of the Publication. If all requirements are met, the manuscript is accepted for review, the author of the manuscript is notified of receipt of the manuscript for consideration by e-mail.

2. Requirements for the composition of reviewers (experts)

2.1 Review of the manuscript is carried out by the editor-in-chief of the Publication, a member of the editorial board of the Publication, which has the closest scientific subject to the topic of the article and is a specialist in the subject matter of peer-reviewed materials and has published articles on the subject of the article under review during the last 3 years.
2.2 The editor-in-chief exercises the right to involve external reviewers (doctors or candidates of sciences, including practitioners) who are not members of the editorial board.
2.3 The review period is 2-3 months.
2.4 A reviewer can not be an author or co-author of a peer-reviewed Manuscript, as well as the author's scientific supervisor and the employee of the subdivision in which the author works.
2.5 Reviewers are prohibited from:
- Use the Manuscript for their needs and the needs of third parties;
- to disclose the information contained in the Manuscript before its publication;
- submit the Manuscript for review to another person without agreement with the editor-in-chief;
- use the materials contained in the Manuscript, before it is published in their own interests.

3. Form and way of peer review

3.1 Reviewing is carried out by a double-blind peer review (double-blind peer review, in which the reviewer does not know the author's name, and the author does not know the names of reviewers). The author is provided with a scanned copy of the review without specifying the name of the reviewer.
3.2 The manuscript is sent to the referee without specifying any information about the author.
3.3 All reviewers must adhere to the ethical requirements in the scientific publications of the Committee on Publications Ethics, be objective and unbiased.

4. Requirements for the content of the review

4.1 The review should reflect whether the content of the article corresponds to the topic stated in the title; whether the content of the article corresponds to the thematic areas of the journal; whether the content of the article is of a certain novelty; whether the article corresponds to the scientific level of the journal; is it expedient to publish the article taking into account the literature previously published on this subject and whether it is of interest to a wide range of readers; what exactly are the positive aspects, and also the shortcomings of the article; what corrections and additions should be made by the author (if any).
4.2 The final part of the review should contain reasoned conclusions about the Manuscript as a whole and a clear recommendation on the appropriateness of its publication in the Publication, the refusal to publish or the need for its revision.
4.3 Based on the results of the review, one of the following decisions can be taken:
1) accepted for publication in the Publication;
2) the publication in the Publication is refused (in this case, the reviewer justifies his conclusions and points out the significant inconsistencies that influenced the decision.) The editors send a motivated refusal or a copy of the review to the author of the Manuscript);
3) Remarks are required. In this case, the author of the Manuscript must make all necessary corrections to the final version of the Manuscript no later than 5 calendar days after receiving the notification by e-mail, and return the corrected text to the editors.
4.4 The manuscripts finalized by the author are sent again for review to the same referee who made critical comments, or to another at the discretion of the editor-in-chief.
4.5 Manuscripts whose authors did not eliminate the comments of the reviewer or do not refute them reasonably, they are not accepted for publication.

5. Procedure for resolving disputes

5.1 If the author disagrees with the comments of the reviewer, he can apply for a second review or revoke the manuscript, which in writing must notify the editors and receive confirmation of the removal of the manuscript from consideration.
5.2 The Editorial Board of the Publication, upon the author's request, informs him of the progress of the examination of the Manuscript and the decision taken. Information is provided only to the author of the Manuscript.
5.3 If the publication of the Manuscript resulted in the violation of someone's copyrights or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics, the editors of the Publication have the right to publish a refutation, as well as inform interested persons about the fact of violation of rights. If later plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, is found in the published article, the article will be withdrawn (retracted) from the Publication.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. The reviews are kept in the Editorial Board for 5 years and submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request.


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